Import Car from the USA to Australia With Schaub Global

Let’s be honest! You like a car, you want to bring it home, but not able to do so as you cannot find the best shipping service for yourself. Well, don’t worry we have you covered.

At Schaub Global, we offer you shipping service outside the US at ease. We can say that our honed skills in shipping your vehicles safe & guarded at your place have given us valuable customers like you over the years.
Not only that, we make sure that customers who get their vehicles shipped from us also get a chance to satiate their hunger & shop for amazing cars, bikes, boats, equipment & RV’s from our humongous online inventory in which we have second – hand vehicles that are well maintained & in good condition to be open for buying.
We also have used American car in sales to choose from, besides well- equipped RV’s, boats, equipment, super amazing bikes and other options to look from. You just have to pick and click on the one you like and bingo, we’ll get it shipped to you in Australia or anywhere you want it to be imported around the world. We also import vehicles to Newzealand for your convenience.
The best part about shopping from us is that you can buy used cars from the USA directly from the owner or through us at an affordable price range. Most importantly you don’t have to worry about the shipment process as we are going to take care of everything. Right, from your transportation, documentation, US port clearance to verification of your vehicle, we’ll get it done under a seamless process. You just have to sit back, relax and wait for your parcel to arrive.
We are top-notch market leaders in the USA to Australia Automotive shipping and we are available at your service 24/7 around the clock. Our experts know the best ways to get your valuables delivered to you on time. We do so to build a long-lasting relationship with you.
Get in touch with us today & “Take Pride In Your Ride” with us.

Requisites to buy used cars from the USA

A true American knows the real value of a car which is made in the US. People all over the world are crazy for these cars as they’ve unbeatable on-road mileage, the best suspension, powerful engine, alloys and yes, how can we forget the stunning looks.

These factors make American manufactured cars the biggest attraction of the automobile world. That’s why, people who plan to buy a car always prefer for the USA made cars like Ford, Lincoln, RAM, Chevrolet, Jeep and the list goes on.
Since as these cars are the most desirable one, this makes it an extravagant catch as well. And, this factor is enough to let a common man leave the idea of buying these flamboyant cars.
But, here’s a good news for you!
Our online inventory store offers old American cars for sale in Australia and New Zealand at affordable prices. We have the latest branded cars available in the best possible condition, so that you don’t have to regret your decision of buying a customized car from us.
Before you make your mind to buy used cars from the USA, here is what you need to keep in your mind.
1. Ask every doubt or question you have in your mind. No matter is related to the services or charges, just it before investing your hard earned money.
2. Keep all your ID proofs with you always along with a Xerox copy of each.
3. Consult your importing service provider before initiating the shipping process.
4. Check the condition of the car thoroughly.
5. Ask if you need to pay any extra charges for documentation or US port clearance.
If you’re shipping with us, then worrying about document verification and the US port clearance is just a waste of time. Because we handle it for you without asking for even a single penny.
Sit back, relax & let us make shipping an ease for you!