How to Import Cars from USA to Australia

Importing a vehicle to Australia is no easy endeavor. However, if it is important to you and determination is part of your forte, import cars from USA to Australia. Understand there is plenty of paperwork and fees to be paid before getting a car into Australia. It does not matter if it
is a standard vehicle, luxury car, or a vintage collectable.

Australian Customs:

The departments that govern vehicle transport into the country of Australia have set fees: per example.


· Duty 10%
· Luxury car tax 33%
· Goods and Services Taxes

Documentation needed:

· Engineering Certificate
· Weighbridge Certificate
· RTA Visual
· Import Blue Slip


Vehicle Requirements:


The car is required to meet safety standards of cars on Australian roadways. Cars must have seat belts; meet emission standards, and possess mirrors that meet requirements of Australian cars, child restraints and proper import plates are also necessary. Cars manufactured prior to 1989 fall under motor vehicle’s Option 17. If safety requirements are met that applied at the time of the manufacturing date; a compliance certificate will be issued.


A first step to import cars is to get an import approval permit. There is no moving a vehicle into Australia without this important piece of paperwork. Importers retrieve this document from the Department of Infrastructure and Transport. Next, the Department of Customs adds goods and services taxes to the vehicle, better known as GST. Duty taxes are five to ten percent and goods and services are generally around ten percent.

Taxes vary depending on the monetary value of the car. A vehicle with a listed cost over $57,000 is considered a luxury item. A high priced vehicle carries a 33 percent charge over the $50,000 or so monetary level. This stiff tax certainly begs the question, “what’s it worth to you” to import a car.

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport provides a booklet that clearly states car import requirements. Any vehicle with customized changes faces difficult restrictions. For example, muscle cars face serious scrutiny before allowed into Australia. import cars, import cars from USA to Australia

How to import Rv from USA to Australia

There are many reasons why you would want to import an RV from USA to Australia, and whatever the reason there are going to be logistical concerns. With that in mind, there are logistical companies that can arrange for the shipping of a recreational vehicle to Australia from the USA and handle everything for you.

import rv from USA to Australia
By everything we mean, picking up the vehicle, packing into a container, unloading the vehicle and even dropping at your door – by far the best method of importation, especially if the RV has been bought at auction where the seller wants, or cannot have, a hand in the shipping process.The cheapest way to import an RV from the USA to Australia is by shipping container, unless the RV is too big, as these can be stacked and the shipping company can fit more onto the cargo vessel – thus helping to lower the costs for everybody.

Choosing the right logistics company the ideal shipping company is the one that takes care of everything, from pickup to drop off and everything in between. Customs clearance and documentation is something that should be handled as a matter of course, by any shipping company that you may find on the internet but it is always worth asking about, just to be sure.
import rv's

When having something as large and expensive as an RV imported from the USA, or anywhere else, it is important that you have total peace of mind. It’s important that you know that if something should happen to either your RV, the container (if it’s in one) or even the ship your RV is being carried on, that you are covered. Transport insurance is important, and while you can purchase it yourself if your shipping company offers it as standard then so much the better.

Importing an RV from the USA to Australia may seem complicated at first, but it doesn’t have to be – especially if you choose the right shipping company.

Importing A Boat From The Usa To Australia

To import boat from USA to Australia depending on the size of your boat ,the cheapest form is by packing it into ocean containers .These containers can accommodate up to around 9′ width boat.To import boat from USA to Australia also requires you to obtain the price from the shipping company .It is more advantageous to use the company because of its best possible cost.It does not depend if you buy the boat from salvage auction or eBay.

Best shipping company

A good company made up of professionals gives you the piece of mind.Indeed, it will be held responsible for boat loading and unloading to your new destination.To import boat from USA to Australia, some company offer insurance services in case of damages that might emerge during the importation.All you need is to check your documents although some companies take the pain out thereby, you will not deal with the paperwork .Making it easy to escape important materials if you have no familiarity with the customs procedures. Some companies are equipped with Paid packing

The most hard of packing jobs indeed but, it will be handled by highly skilled technicians.It will enable efficient white-glove service up to delivery of the boat to Australia.

Globalized agents

Upon arrival of the boat ,the receiver of the boat will receive a notice at the dismissal .The receiver who is an agent will help you with Customs import regulations in Australia.

Inland picking of boat

No worry at this stage as the responsibilities are still on the company .It saves you on damages and the inconvenience of selecting the trucks or another company to assist in transportation of the boat by road to the actual destination you want.

To import boat from USA to Australia seems to be a time consuming.You don’t have to make this order alone -why not let a professional international importation company take care of it ? It will be much time saving than you thought .

Importing Bikes from the USA to Australia

For those who have a passion for legendary brands of motorcycles from the USA or for those who prefer to shop around for good deals, direct importation of bikes from the USA to Australia is an excellent option.

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development of the Government of Australia sets the rules for the importation of vehicles into the country. You can be an importer on a regular basis or just occasionally when you want to import a specific good. In the case of bikes, you can import motorcycles, mopeds, off-road motorbikes, scooters or quad bikes and those products can be new or used.

If you want to import a bike from the USA to Australia and you are not a regular importer, there are some important requirements you should know about this transaction before initiating it. Keep in mind that you are about to do an international trade operation that, therefore, has to go through the US Customs to leave their country and has to pass the Australian customs to be allowed in. So, first of all, you have to make sure the shipper, your American exporter, has the legal proof of ownership of the bike. This document is usually a hard copy form of an ownership certificate or title. The American customs authorities can not allow the good to leave their country without a legal proof of ownership.

On your side, prior to shipment, you have to get an import permit from the competent area of the Australian government, which is, in this case, the Department of Road Transport located in Canberra. The process requires you to have all the data to correctly identify the bike you want to import. You will have to fill in some forms and follow up the process.

With the permissions granted, you can have the bike shipped. Shipment rules require the bike to be packed in a crate of treated timber because it is required by the sanitation authorities to avoid insects coming inside the wood. Make sure the fuel tank of the bike is completely empty and the battery is not connected. This is required to avoid accidents during shipment and storage. It is also essential that the bike is perfectly clean in the moment of packing it. And the expression “perfectly clean” is essential. There can be no soil or dust in the tires. In addition, the engine and the oil filters must be clean. If the Australian authorities do not consider the product clean, they may impose charges for steam cleaning, which are additional costs to you.