Steps to importing cars from the USA


You want to important a car from the USA to Australia? That’s fantastic, but do you know all the steps to importing cars from the USA to our country? Yes, there’s a whole procedure that can turn out to be very frustrating. You just want your car, yet you have to go through all those steps just to have the opportunity to drive it. That’s a sort of a buzzkill, isn’t it?

In order to import a car to Australia, you have to carry out a research to ensure the vehicle is eligible to enter the country and get informed about costs, documentation, requirements for each government agency, and learn more about all risks involved. That’s not all, other steps to importing cars from the USA include applying for a vehicle import approval where you have to register with the department and pay the fee. In addition, you have to wait until you receive the approval in an email.

Nope, your job is not done yet. You also have to arrange shipping of the vehicle, get customs clearance, meet Australian quarantine requirements, meet import approval conditions, and register vehicle.

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