Importing Bikes from USA to Australia Made Easy

Have you seen your dream Honda, Yamaha or that Kawasaki motorcycle that gives you chills by just looking? Are you ready to own it but cannot since you are afraid of the tedious and unfamiliar territory of importing? Do not let your ownership dream fade away. We are here to take care of all that.

Buying motorcycles in the USA is much cheaper than in Australia. We ensure ship your bike while considering all factors to ensure it is shipped safely and in best conditions. We understand each bike has got his features which need specific and specialized shipping care. We may strap it to the container; put it in a crate either metal or wood depending on what’s best for it. This will ensure its safety till it reaches you.

We advise you on what necessary permits that you must have and the minimum requirements to import into Australia. We take care of preparing the bike for export. This is by ensuring that all necessary precautions are put into consideration. For those who would like insurance in the sea for your bike, we arrange for the right insurance.

Australia has a mandatory policy to quarantine all bikes being imported. This is because Australia is located on its own and thus to prevent diseases from other parts of the world there is thorough quarantine practices. We will take of that for you. Before being shipped from the USA, we ensure that it is thoroughly washed then we pack it.

We will guide you throughout the importation process. We will make sure that your bikes comply with us customs to ensure you do not face any hiccups through the process. We offer affordable rates but do not compromise on the quality of service we provide you with. Let us make importing bikes from the USA to Australia smooth, easy and hustle free. Let us deal with all the technicalities and just wait to ride your bike.

Importing Bikes from the USA to Australia

For those who have a passion for legendary brands of motorcycles from the USA or for those who prefer to shop around for good deals, direct importation of bikes from the USA to Australia is an excellent option.

The Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development of the Government of Australia sets the rules for the importation of vehicles into the country. You can be an importer on a regular basis or just occasionally when you want to import a specific good. In the case of bikes, you can import motorcycles, mopeds, off-road motorbikes, scooters or quad bikes and those products can be new or used.

If you want to import a bike from the USA to Australia and you are not a regular importer, there are some important requirements you should know about this transaction before initiating it. Keep in mind that you are about to do an international trade operation that, therefore, has to go through the US Customs to leave their country and has to pass the Australian customs to be allowed in. So, first of all, you have to make sure the shipper, your American exporter, has the legal proof of ownership of the bike. This document is usually a hard copy form of an ownership certificate or title. The American customs authorities can not allow the good to leave their country without a legal proof of ownership.

On your side, prior to shipment, you have to get an import permit from the competent area of the Australian government, which is, in this case, the Department of Road Transport located in Canberra. The process requires you to have all the data to correctly identify the bike you want to import. You will have to fill in some forms and follow up the process.

With the permissions granted, you can have the bike shipped. Shipment rules require the bike to be packed in a crate of treated timber because it is required by the sanitation authorities to avoid insects coming inside the wood. Make sure the fuel tank of the bike is completely empty and the battery is not connected. This is required to avoid accidents during shipment and storage. It is also essential that the bike is perfectly clean in the moment of packing it. And the expression “perfectly clean” is essential. There can be no soil or dust in the tires. In addition, the engine and the oil filters must be clean. If the Australian authorities do not consider the product clean, they may impose charges for steam cleaning, which are additional costs to you.

Things To Remember Before You Import Boat From the USA To Australia

Import Boats From USA To Australia & New Zealand

The industry of importing and exporting is quite vast. There is a long process behind import of boat, car or motorcycle from the USA to Australia. Whether you’re shipping a bike for a personal use or importing an RV for commercial purpose, both situations require importing services to accomplish it.

In the majority of cases, Amercian RV imports are seen difficult because of the heavy weight & large sizes. Due to this reason, people often leave the idea of importing RVs from the USA. For a hassle-free shipping, keep these below-mentioned aspects in your mind.

Mastercraft boat

1. Transport

Generally, for overseas vehicle shipping- containers or roll-on, roll-off methods are used. These methods are used after analyzing the size & weight of the vehicle. To import standard size vehicles (between 20ft to 40ft) shipping containers are used & for other vehicles roll-on & roll-off.

2. Charges

While shipping, paying additional charges like duty, tax, tariffs, regulatory expenses, port clearance fee, documentation, insurance is a necessity. But, always pay attention that you pay genuine prices because in such cases the chances of fraud seems to be higher.

3. Insurance

To ensure a safe delivery of your product, make sure to click pictures of the vehicle before shipping. These pictures can work as a powerful evidence to claim insurance of your vehicle (if any dent, scratch found later).

4. Taxes

Before paying tax charges, it is essential to complete the document verification process. Government duties, tariffs & taxes only proceed further when the application show genuine proofs including-

Vehicle’s shipping purpose (personal or commercial use, sale, etc.).

Manufacturing year of the vehicle

Vehicle’s current value

Tax deduction completely depends on the size, value, cost, weight & manufacturing year of the vehicle. So, make sure to provide an accurate information to the customs department.

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