Import Boats from the USA to Australia

Purchasing a boat is a major life decision and a significant expense, but at the same time, it’s a wonderful investment too. The boat isn’t an impulse purchase, it requires thinking things through before you go ahead and do it, especially for Australians.

One of the most popular options for Australians is to import a boat from overseas through a boat broker or a company that handles imports of vehicles, motorcycles, and boats. The most famous destination of the import is the USA. However, it is not easy to import boats from the USA to Australia which means you can’t trust every dealer.

Buying imported boats is a better option for many due to the versatility of offer. You have numerous boats to choose from and purchase the one that fits your needs, preferences, and budget the most. The craftsmanship of some foreign boats is amazing and it would be difficult to find the ideal Australian equivalent, especially if a customer wants those specific features in their boat.

If you’re looking for a great dealer to get the import boats from the USA to Australia, look no further than SchauGlobal, a reputable company that provides import boats, cars, bikes, you name it.

With more than 2900 boats on their official website, you will, for sure, find the way that meets all your criteria. If browsing the multitude of boats takes too much time in your busy schedule, you can narrow down your search.

All you need to do is to type your keyword, determine how many boats the website will display per page, and how to sort them in terms of price. You also have the option to search for import boats from the USA to Australia based on year range, price range, and brand. It’s super easy! For more info about the incredible boat offer at Schau Global, feel free to visit the official website and contact us.

Importing Boats from the USA

Getting a boat is a great investment and an amazing way to have fun or spend more time with your family. However, buying a boat can be quite stressful, especially when importing it.

First of all, the entire process of importing just about anything to Australia is frustrating and there are always different procedures that you have to complete and requirements you have to meet.
There are many dealers who do importing boats from the USA but most of them are unreliable. How? Reasons for this are numerous, including the fact they important boats that simply don’t have sufficient quality to justify the enormous price tag. How many times have you wanted to purchase an imported boat only to realize it’s unbelievably expensive? Yes, that happens a lot.

Those deals don’t have a vast selection of boats you are, basically, stuck between two or three options and have to make up your mind and choose one. That’s not the best thing either, especially if none of those boats match your needs, preferences, and budget.
Schaub Global Inc. is the best place to look for imported boats. With us, importing boats from the USA seems like such an easy and effortless thing to do. We have a vast selection and guarantee you will find a perfect boat that will match all your needs.

Our website features an extensive display of all boats in our offer along with their characteristics and other important info you should know before making a decision whether to purchase it or not. If you have a specific budget in mind, simply enter it in a provided blank space and the website will display boats within that price range only. It’s easy!

Visit our official website and see for yourself what makes Schaub Global Inc. the best place where you can buy imported boats. Feel free to contact us for more info.

Importing Boat Made Easy

Importing boat made easy, do you think this is too good to be true? With Schaub Global Inc it is a reality. Not only do we make importing easy, but the entire service is the reason our customers always recommend us to their friends, family members, and even to their coworkers.

Boats Australia

If you’ve always wanted to own a boat, we can help you with that. To most people owning a boat is an unachievable dream, due to all the hassle involved with getting one. We simplify the entire process and help you turn your dream into the reality.

Still not sure whether boat is really what you need? Of course, it is! Here are some useful reasons why you should go with your gut and get that boat:

  • Owning a boat is always a smart investment, regardless of its size
  • It’s a great way to spend some family quality time
  • Sailing is incredibly relaxing and good for both your mind and body
  • You get to participate in different types of activities, boats are always fun
  • Getting a boat is a great way to treat yourself and your family for hard work and dedication
  • You connect more with the mother nature

Importing boat made easy is not the only advantage of Schaub Global Inc. Our boats are imported from the US to Australia and New Zealand, and they are superior to all others in terms of quality. Customer satisfaction is a must and we achieve that goal regularly. We are proud of the fact that our customers consider us as their loyal friends. On our website, you will find more than 3640 boats along with detailed information about them. Just click on the boat you’re interested in and you’ll learn everything you need to know before making a purchase. Contact us for more info.

Importing A Boat From The Usa To Australia

To import boat from USA to Australia depending on the size of your boat ,the cheapest form is by packing it into ocean containers .These containers can accommodate up to around 9′ width boat.To import boat from USA to Australia also requires you to obtain the price from the shipping company .It is more advantageous to use the company because of its best possible cost.It does not depend if you buy the boat from salvage auction or eBay.

Best shipping company

A good company made up of professionals gives you the piece of mind.Indeed, it will be held responsible for boat loading and unloading to your new destination.To import boat from USA to Australia, some company offer insurance services in case of damages that might emerge during the importation.All you need is to check your documents although some companies take the pain out thereby, you will not deal with the paperwork .Making it easy to escape important materials if you have no familiarity with the customs procedures. Some companies are equipped with Paid packing

The most hard of packing jobs indeed but, it will be handled by highly skilled technicians.It will enable efficient white-glove service up to delivery of the boat to Australia.

Globalized agents

Upon arrival of the boat ,the receiver of the boat will receive a notice at the dismissal .The receiver who is an agent will help you with Customs import regulations in Australia.

Inland picking of boat

No worry at this stage as the responsibilities are still on the company .It saves you on damages and the inconvenience of selecting the trucks or another company to assist in transportation of the boat by road to the actual destination you want.

To import boat from USA to Australia seems to be a time consuming.You don’t have to make this order alone -why not let a professional international importation company take care of it ? It will be much time saving than you thought .

Import Boat from USA to Australia

There are always risks and benefits associated with the purchase of boats with convenience. If you want to Import boat from the USA to Australia and not sure what and where to begin from, then here is a complete guide for you to make a perfect purchase for yourself.


People usually buy expensive products like a boat from the local market. We advise exploring and look out the global market too. As there are many vendors who want to explore their business, who knows you might get a great deal on the boat for a much lesser price.


When you’re dealing with an international seller, you need not worry about delivery and transactions. Things work out in two ways – you can either import a boat directly from the vendor or with the help of a boat broker.

Boat brokers eliminate a lot of risks associated with the purchase of boats and they offer a wide variety of designs. Seaworthiness and mechanical soundness are the crucial factors that need to be checked by experts only.

Another option is that you need to research are the vendors who export boat to Australia. You can go to any search engine and search for “importing boats to Australia. You’ll find a list of top vendors who are providing similar cost-effective services.

Schaubglobal is a global brand who is helping people importing boats into Australia for a very long time and has successfully managed to import vehicles to their respective destinations.

So if you are looking for someone importing boats to Australia, make sure you make your exporter provide you the following benefits as written hereunder-

1. Least product offer
2. Shipping and delivery
3. Insurance duty and other charges
4. Present currency strength

Importing to Australia is stringent and the laws are extensive. So, if you want to Import boat from USA to Australia, make sure you comply with laws.

Import Boat From The USA To Australia In No Time

US Boat import to Australia is a new and easy way to purchase a boat. Australia is world-renowned for its beautiful beaches. Because of the numerous beaches, boats are popular in this area. Currently, many exports from South Florida are tax free. Boat importers should only be concerned about the fees to import the boat into the country.
Most Australia boat importers can have a boat to the client within 24 to 26 business days. Many companies can have the vessel delivered to the client within one week or two weeks. The delivery date depends upon how often the carrier sails to this location. Carriers, in general, do not sail to the Australia location as much as Europe and other locations. Clients should consider this when making their purchase.

Australian citizens prefer to purchase boats in South Florida because the selection is greater and often the prices are lower. Clients may select from boats such as the Searay, Silverton, Wellcraft, Bayliner, Four Winns, Rinker, Hatteras or Boston Whaler. These boats may be purchased either new or used depending upon the client’s preference.
Exporters will assist clients in finding boat if they cannot make it to the South Florida area. Simply provide the exporters with the dimensions of the boat, the accessories, the amount of accommodations required and the power necessary, then the exporter will find the boat that will fit your budget and ship the boat to you. Importing a boat into Australia is fairly simple if you follow some basic steps.

You should obtain an import permit from the Federal Department of Infrastructure. Since you will be importing the boat from the United States, you will not have to pay an import duty fee. However, you may have to pay a nominal Good and Service Tax (G.S.T. ). The Australian Import duty is typically 5% on vessels or boats that are under the weight of 150 m/t.
Australia, however, does charge a $3,000 charge in an effort to promote a clean air or climate change initiative. The only way to avoid the air conditioning or refrigeration charge is to ask the exporter or boat dealer to inspect the boat and write a letter stating that the either no air conditioning or refrigeration was found on the boat or that the boat was degassed and removed. Once this letter is written, the charge will be waived.
Clients may also be subject to an Australian Quarantine Wood or Timber charge. This will be charged by the half hour to inspect a vessel made of wood or with wood timber. Even if the boat is packed in wood, the entire boat must be inspected to ensure that no harmful or dangerous insects are transported to another country. The vessel should be fumigated to avoid these problems.

Even with the fees, purchasing a boat in the United States is often more economical than purchasing the boat in Australia. Consider US import to Australia to improve your boat selection and also to avoid some of the hassle involved with shipping the boat independently. Our company will arrange all of your export and import. Contact Marine Connection and enjoy seamless boat import today!

Things To Remember Before You Import Boat From the USA To Australia

Import Boats From USA To Australia & New Zealand

The industry of importing and exporting is quite vast. There is a long process behind import of boat, car or motorcycle from the USA to Australia. Whether you’re shipping a bike for a personal use or importing an RV for commercial purpose, both situations require importing services to accomplish it.

In the majority of cases, Amercian RV imports are seen difficult because of the heavy weight & large sizes. Due to this reason, people often leave the idea of importing RVs from the USA. For a hassle-free shipping, keep these below-mentioned aspects in your mind.

Mastercraft boat

1. Transport

Generally, for overseas vehicle shipping- containers or roll-on, roll-off methods are used. These methods are used after analyzing the size & weight of the vehicle. To import standard size vehicles (between 20ft to 40ft) shipping containers are used & for other vehicles roll-on & roll-off.

2. Charges

While shipping, paying additional charges like duty, tax, tariffs, regulatory expenses, port clearance fee, documentation, insurance is a necessity. But, always pay attention that you pay genuine prices because in such cases the chances of fraud seems to be higher.

3. Insurance

To ensure a safe delivery of your product, make sure to click pictures of the vehicle before shipping. These pictures can work as a powerful evidence to claim insurance of your vehicle (if any dent, scratch found later).

4. Taxes

Before paying tax charges, it is essential to complete the document verification process. Government duties, tariffs & taxes only proceed further when the application show genuine proofs including-

Vehicle’s shipping purpose (personal or commercial use, sale, etc.).

Manufacturing year of the vehicle

Vehicle’s current value

Tax deduction completely depends on the size, value, cost, weight & manufacturing year of the vehicle. So, make sure to provide an accurate information to the customs department.

In order to get a secured shipping experience Schuab Global Inc. Is a good option. It is the US based importing service provider business house that offer quality services at least prices.