Steps to importing cars from the USA


You want to important a car from the USA to Australia? That’s fantastic, but do you know all the steps to importing cars from the USA to our country? Yes, there’s a whole procedure that can turn out to be very frustrating. You just want your car, yet you have to go through all those steps just to have the opportunity to drive it. That’s a sort of a buzzkill, isn’t it?

In order to import a car to Australia, you have to carry out a research to ensure the vehicle is eligible to enter the country and get informed about costs, documentation, requirements for each government agency, and learn more about all risks involved. That’s not all, other steps to importing cars from the USA include applying for a vehicle import approval where you have to register with the department and pay the fee. In addition, you have to wait until you receive the approval in an email.

Nope, your job is not done yet. You also have to arrange shipping of the vehicle, get customs clearance, meet Australian quarantine requirements, meet import approval conditions, and register vehicle.

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How to Import Cars from USA to Australia

Importing a vehicle to Australia is no easy endeavor. However, if it is important to you and determination is part of your forte, import cars from USA to Australia. Understand there is plenty of paperwork and fees to be paid before getting a car into Australia. It does not matter if it
is a standard vehicle, luxury car, or a vintage collectable.

Australian Customs:

The departments that govern vehicle transport into the country of Australia have set fees: per example.


· Duty 10%
· Luxury car tax 33%
· Goods and Services Taxes

Documentation needed:

· Engineering Certificate
· Weighbridge Certificate
· RTA Visual
· Import Blue Slip


Vehicle Requirements:


The car is required to meet safety standards of cars on Australian roadways. Cars must have seat belts; meet emission standards, and possess mirrors that meet requirements of Australian cars, child restraints and proper import plates are also necessary. Cars manufactured prior to 1989 fall under motor vehicle’s Option 17. If safety requirements are met that applied at the time of the manufacturing date; a compliance certificate will be issued.


A first step to import cars is to get an import approval permit. There is no moving a vehicle into Australia without this important piece of paperwork. Importers retrieve this document from the Department of Infrastructure and Transport. Next, the Department of Customs adds goods and services taxes to the vehicle, better known as GST. Duty taxes are five to ten percent and goods and services are generally around ten percent.

Taxes vary depending on the monetary value of the car. A vehicle with a listed cost over $57,000 is considered a luxury item. A high priced vehicle carries a 33 percent charge over the $50,000 or so monetary level. This stiff tax certainly begs the question, “what’s it worth to you” to import a car.

The Department of Infrastructure and Transport provides a booklet that clearly states car import requirements. Any vehicle with customized changes faces difficult restrictions. For example, muscle cars face serious scrutiny before allowed into Australia. import cars, import cars from USA to Australia

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Pre-requisites of importing a car from the USA to Australia

The procedure of shipping a vehicle overseas starts with vehicle verification and documentation. Import of a car from the USA to Australia is a long process because you need to verify your vehicle from different departments including Department of Infrastructure to get VIA (Vehicle Import Approval).

Here are few necessary things that you need to follow before shipping your car overseas.

  1. It starts with registering your vehicle at Department of infrastructure & Regional Department.

  2. Make sure that you do not arrange any shipping transportation medium before the approval of your vehicle.

  3. Once your vehicle gets registered with DI&RD then immediately apply for VIA. Obtaining VIA is important as it discloses the current value of your vehicle.

  4. Don’t forget to pay freight, insurance, custom, duties, LCT, logistic, port entrance and clearance & transport charges. It is necessary to clear & pay these charges before shipping your vehicle.

  5. Always carry your ID proofs till the vehicle is not shipped. For US port clearance documentation, you’ll need your original ID proofs.

  6. It is important to mention the value, manufacturing year & cost of your car or vehicle because this decides the duty & tax of the vehicle. Generally, the duty charged on luxury cars is 33% (which may vary according to the size and weight).

  7. To get your import approval permit, you may need- Weighbridge Certificate, Engineer Certificate (not applicable for every vehicle), RTA Visual Identification Unit Inspection (not applicable for every vehicle) and imported blue slip from RTA (Road Transportation Authority).

Schaub Global Inc. Is one of the best choices to experience hassle free import of car from the USA to Australia. This US based importing service provider business performs the US port clearance documentation for their client’s comfort. Along with this, they offer the least shipping prices including- insurance, duty, tax, freight and other add-on charges for your convenience.

Things To Remember Before You Import Boat From the USA To Australia

Import Boats From USA To Australia & New Zealand

The industry of importing and exporting is quite vast. There is a long process behind import of boat, car or motorcycle from the USA to Australia. Whether you’re shipping a bike for a personal use or importing an RV for commercial purpose, both situations require importing services to accomplish it.

In the majority of cases, Amercian RV imports are seen difficult because of the heavy weight & large sizes. Due to this reason, people often leave the idea of importing RVs from the USA. For a hassle-free shipping, keep these below-mentioned aspects in your mind.

Mastercraft boat

1. Transport

Generally, for overseas vehicle shipping- containers or roll-on, roll-off methods are used. These methods are used after analyzing the size & weight of the vehicle. To import standard size vehicles (between 20ft to 40ft) shipping containers are used & for other vehicles roll-on & roll-off.

2. Charges

While shipping, paying additional charges like duty, tax, tariffs, regulatory expenses, port clearance fee, documentation, insurance is a necessity. But, always pay attention that you pay genuine prices because in such cases the chances of fraud seems to be higher.

3. Insurance

To ensure a safe delivery of your product, make sure to click pictures of the vehicle before shipping. These pictures can work as a powerful evidence to claim insurance of your vehicle (if any dent, scratch found later).

4. Taxes

Before paying tax charges, it is essential to complete the document verification process. Government duties, tariffs & taxes only proceed further when the application show genuine proofs including-

Vehicle’s shipping purpose (personal or commercial use, sale, etc.).

Manufacturing year of the vehicle

Vehicle’s current value

Tax deduction completely depends on the size, value, cost, weight & manufacturing year of the vehicle. So, make sure to provide an accurate information to the customs department.

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