How to import Rv from USA to Australia

There are many reasons why you would want to import an RV from USA to Australia, and whatever the reason there are going to be logistical concerns. With that in mind, there are logistical companies that can arrange for the shipping of a recreational vehicle to Australia from the USA and handle everything for you.

import rv from USA to Australia
By everything we mean, picking up the vehicle, packing into a container, unloading the vehicle and even dropping at your door – by far the best method of importation, especially if the RV has been bought at auction where the seller wants, or cannot have, a hand in the shipping process.The cheapest way to import an RV from the USA to Australia is by shipping container, unless the RV is too big, as these can be stacked and the shipping company can fit more onto the cargo vessel – thus helping to lower the costs for everybody.

Choosing the right logistics company the ideal shipping company is the one that takes care of everything, from pickup to drop off and everything in between. Customs clearance and documentation is something that should be handled as a matter of course, by any shipping company that you may find on the internet but it is always worth asking about, just to be sure.
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When having something as large and expensive as an RV imported from the USA, or anywhere else, it is important that you have total peace of mind. It’s important that you know that if something should happen to either your RV, the container (if it’s in one) or even the ship your RV is being carried on, that you are covered. Transport insurance is important, and while you can purchase it yourself if your shipping company offers it as standard then so much the better.

Importing an RV from the USA to Australia may seem complicated at first, but it doesn’t have to be – especially if you choose the right shipping company.

Things To Remember Before You Import Boat From the USA To Australia

Import Boats From USA To Australia & New Zealand

The industry of importing and exporting is quite vast. There is a long process behind import of boat, car or motorcycle from the USA to Australia. Whether you’re shipping a bike for a personal use or importing an RV for commercial purpose, both situations require importing services to accomplish it.

In the majority of cases, Amercian RV imports are seen difficult because of the heavy weight & large sizes. Due to this reason, people often leave the idea of importing RVs from the USA. For a hassle-free shipping, keep these below-mentioned aspects in your mind.

Mastercraft boat

1. Transport

Generally, for overseas vehicle shipping- containers or roll-on, roll-off methods are used. These methods are used after analyzing the size & weight of the vehicle. To import standard size vehicles (between 20ft to 40ft) shipping containers are used & for other vehicles roll-on & roll-off.

2. Charges

While shipping, paying additional charges like duty, tax, tariffs, regulatory expenses, port clearance fee, documentation, insurance is a necessity. But, always pay attention that you pay genuine prices because in such cases the chances of fraud seems to be higher.

3. Insurance

To ensure a safe delivery of your product, make sure to click pictures of the vehicle before shipping. These pictures can work as a powerful evidence to claim insurance of your vehicle (if any dent, scratch found later).

4. Taxes

Before paying tax charges, it is essential to complete the document verification process. Government duties, tariffs & taxes only proceed further when the application show genuine proofs including-

Vehicle’s shipping purpose (personal or commercial use, sale, etc.).

Manufacturing year of the vehicle

Vehicle’s current value

Tax deduction completely depends on the size, value, cost, weight & manufacturing year of the vehicle. So, make sure to provide an accurate information to the customs department.

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