Ducati Monster S


Ducati Monster S


  • TAILORED ERGONOMICS: The new Monster range features a totally redefined size, and ergonomics designed to offer "one-bike-in-the-garage" versatility. The new Monster size ensures ample accommodations even for a rider cm tall and a passenger cm tall, also allowing baggage to be loaded without compromises. The seat position is very comfortable, allowing long distance riding if desired; the riding position is upright thanks to a high handlebar fixed close to the rider; and a passenger seat with easily removed cover, low passenger footpegs, and integrated passenger handles welcome anyone the rider wishes to bring along.
  • ADJUSTABLE SEAT: The new Monster is equipped with an adjustable seat (± 25 mm) in order to best fit customer requirements all over the world. The standard seat height can be easily adjusted from the lower mm position to mm; further, two optional seats allow customers to lower the seat by an additional mm / mm) or even by mm / mm).
  • SCULPTURED FUEL TANK: The Monster's L gallon, U.S.) fuel tank represents an integral part of the bike's overall styling. The distinctive fuel tank in pure "Monster-style" helps create the unmistakable "powerful Monster silhouette", while its metal construction and well-sculpted knee panels add a solid feel to the Monster.
  • RACING-DERIVED FRAME: The new Monster features a racing derived frame structure that uses the engine as a stressed element. This structure is composed by a compact Ducati trellis directly fixed to the cylinder heads and by the engine itself; the shock-absorber and the rear sub-frame are also connected to the engine. The sub-frame is a classic tubular layout, however, it is enhanced by a unique coupling between the tubes, plastics and tail light. This sophisticated frame structure is lightweight and stiff, allowing the Monster to achieve the lowest curb weight in its category kg).
  • SINGLE-SIDED SWINGARM: The Monster features a strong die-cast aluminum single-sided swingarm that ensures high rigidity, low weight, and excellent stability, providing also a technical and professional look.
  • Y-PATTERN 3-SPOKE MACHINED WHEELS: The sporty attitude of the Monster S is emphasized by its very aggressive sport rim design. The "S" has weight saving Y-pattern 3-spoke machined wheels in lightweight aluminum, finished in gloss black. The x 17 inch front wheel and 6 x 17 inch rear wheel are fitted, respectively, with 120/70 ZR and 190/55 ZR Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tires.
  • ÖHLINS HIGH-SPEC SUSPENSION: The racing inspired chassis geometry is matched with Ø 48 mm Öhlins upside-down forks, fully adjustable in spring preload and precisely adjustable in compression and rebound damping. At the rear the ‘S' uses an Öhlins mono-shock with integrated piggy-back, fully adjustable in spring preload with full adjustment and highly engineered control of compression and rebound damping. The Öhlins mono-shock is fixed on one side to the vertical cylinder head, mounted on the opposite side to a strong Ducati single-sided swingarm. This exemplary suspension maintains tire contact and ensures feeling and finesse even under extreme riding conditions.
  • SUPERBIKE-SPEC BREMBO BRAKE SYSTEM: The Monster S's hp are managed by a Superbike-spec brake system. It is equipped with the same brakes found on the Panigale, which deliver stunning performance; a racing oriented PR 16 brake pump manages top-level Ø mm discs, which are gripped by the state of the art Brembo M50 Monobloc radial calipers that use MotoGP derived technology to be powerful yet compact and lightweight. A single Ø mm disc in the rear is gripped by a two-piston caliper, also by Brembo.


  • TESTASTRETTA 11° DS: The new Monster family is powered by the second generation of Testastretta 11° DS engine, smoother and with dual spark plugs and a secondary air system. Dual Spark (DS) ignition uses two plugs per cylinder to ensure complete combustion in a very short time. A secondary air system similar to that of the Panigale has been introduced to optimize operation and reduce cyclic combustion variability without affecting emissions. A controlled flow of fresh air is supplied to the exhaust duct to enable complete oxidization of hot unburnt gases, to effectively reduce hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide levels. The Testastretta 11° DS engine that equips the new Monster family is unique to those bikes, as its structure is engineered to be a structural element of the frame; moreover, the air intake and exhaust have been tuned to give increased torque at low-medium rpm (ducts, intake manifolds, throttle bodies and pipes have a smaller diameter to deliver an incredible torquey character). The 1,200 cc Testatstretta 11° DS engine is available in two different power variants: the Monster delivers kW CV) of power @ 8,750 rpm and Nm kgm) of torque @ 7,250 rpm, while the Monster S features a dedicated RbW mapping allowing kW hp) of power @ 8,750 rpm and Nm ft. lbs.) of torque @ 7,250 rpm.
  • POWER AND TORQUE: Thanks to a dedicated air intake and exhaust the second generation Testastretta 11° DS delivers engine power comparable to 3/4-cylinder engines, even higher for the "S" , and an incredibly torquey character that will be appreciated by the most demanding "Monsteristi" and sport riders; more than the 85% of the maximum torque is already available at 4,500 rpm. Both of the two Testastretta 11° DS versions offer a wide spread of torque, of course the "S" engine remains strong through a wider rev-range.
  • EXHAUST SYSTEM: The Testastretta 11° DS engine is coupled to an impressive side-mounted staggered shotgun exhaust that makes no secret of the performance of which the new Monster is capable. The engine management system dedicates a lambda probe to each header, providing precise fueling, while the stylish cannon-style, verti

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