Re: Harley Sportster


Re: Harley Sportster

RE: Harley Sportser with miles and in perfect condition. After market parts and Screaming Eagle exhaust.


Willing to trade for the right car or SUV also.

Look at your own risk, bike has low miles but doesnt look like it, beat up, weathered, meets in sketch area, title from new mexico, in someones name from and blah blah, no one with i.d matches title, super sketch buy at your own risk. Claims to run good, false!!! it has cracked tires, runs like crap and is super weathered was told it was stored deff not the case. Tweakers trying to pull a fast one look and buy at your own risk. Wish more people warned others about people like this dont waste your time bike is worth 2 grand tops and with all the sketchy paper work i wouldnt even bother save your time look at another bike

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