V-Star Classic- Make an Offer/Trade


V-Star Classic- Make an Offer/Trade

First off- CASH SALES ONLY. NO CHECK NO PAYPAL AND NO SHIPPING. I won't respond to personal emails AT ALL.

Second- Don't need help selling.

Now, I have an 06 Yamaha V-Star Classic cc v-twin. Great bike for mid-level. Not the fastest bike, but not slow either. Bike in is in great condition. I just got it and I ride it every day. The bike has 22k miles on it and it rides smooth and doesn't shift hard at all. I removed the saddle bag rails and I have cloth saddle bags that go with it, I can sale separate. Also have a tank mounted bag as well and a windscreen and cloth saddle bags. I removed the pipes to make it straight pipe because the bike is relatively quiet, and Fresno drivers are blind to bikes. So I made sure they would know I'm coming before they see me. Not annoyingly loud though. The paint is in good condition, the chrome is starting to show its age, but a little elbow grease will take care of that. Tires are in great shape, lots of tread left. The bike is carbed, and I haven't had a problem running straight pipes yet. Crackles a little bit when you lay into the throttle is all.

I'm in no hurry to sale the bike, I love it, but it was an impulse buy and I'm moving to Nashville TN in Jan and it will be sitting for a while once I get there, so I figured I would see what I could get in it's place. Let me know what you have to offer. Looking for sport cars or luxury. Something with a turbo or v8. Willing to trade for car trailer or RV trailer as well.

Text for more info, I work pretty much all day every day. Offer me something and all I can say is no. You respect me and I will respect you.

Clean title

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