Hot Tub


Hot Tub

_ Extra Large (82" x 92") with Redwood Skirt
_ Blue Pacific Spas Hot Tub - Custom Craftsmanship
with ADDED custom jets feet
_ Last Photo shows hot tub originally set up on my patio.
_ More recent photos show it built-into my deck... you can drive your pickup truck just under deck to easily slide hot tub into your truck bed.

_ 2-Pump System by Aqua Flo Flo Master "XP/XP2" Seriies Pumps - Can manually set 4 hours anytime
_ Auto Timer Settings w Dura-Built Control Box
___ Primary pump is a two-speed pump which powers the therapy jets.
___ Second pump (booster) is a single-speed pump which can power either the therapy seat jets or the optional whirlpool jet.

_ amp, 60 Hz, 4 wire
_ amp
_ /30 amp, 60 Hz, 3 wire
_ is better for longevity than
_ Electrical schematics included

Safety Features:
_ In volt systems heating will occur only when the jets are on low speed; that is, activating the high-speed jets or the air blower will automati _ In volt systems, heating can take place during high-speed operation provided that the thermostat is set high enough to demand heat.

_ Weight: lbs.
_ Depth: 37"
_ Dimensions: 82" x 92"
_ Water Capacity: gallons
_ 'Dynasty Spa Cover' w/ 4 side release buckles.
_ OZONE READY (Ultra Violet Ozone)
_ TUB: Light Aquarius Lucite XL Tub
_ TUB: ANTIBACTERIAL ORGANIC POLYMER = prevents calcium buildup+deposits
_ Top Side Control Component ID and Operation includes: Jets switch+Air Switch+Light Switch.
_ Seating Capacity: 5 adults
_ 26 Custom Massage Jets Total
Foot Jets
Neck Jets
Hydro-Therapy Jets
Multi-use Jets
- Air Injection: 7
- Control Type: Air buttons

Suggested Spa Filtration:
- Nature2 Purifier
- Non-Chlorine oxidizer (potassium peroxymonosulfate)
- Test kits (pH, total alkalinity)
- pH and total alkalinity adjusting chemicals
- Dichlor

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