AERMOTOR c WINDMILL 45' W/Stand 9' Dia. Blades


AERMOTOR c WINDMILL 45' W/Stand 9' Dia. Blades

Selling a rather old, but very nice, Aermotor Windmill with patent stamps dating this Windmill to about

45' height, which I believe is the largest size of the windmills. The diameter of the blades are 9'.

Missing the pump rod that extends down from the Windmill to the well. But, believe everything else is there. Most non-functioning Windmills are normally missing this pump rod.

Drill a well and install a pumping rod/pipe to have a "free energy" water supply.

Windmill is lying down and ready to be transported.

Was going to stand it up on my property, but never did set it up. Now I am selling off a lot of my stuff that I have not been using, and decided to put the Windmill up for sale.

Windmill is ready to be serviced and installed on your property!

Have also attached a couple of photos of the Windmill when it was standing, and before my moving it to my property. These photos give you a better perspective of the beauty of this Windmill.

And, the tail fin can be personalized for your own logo, design or name.

Hard to find Windmills in this condition!

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