Vintage Class B Campervan. Very Nice!


Vintage Class B Campervan. Very Nice!

It is time for me to sell my pride and joy. Up for auction is a very good condition Dodge Tradesman B200 class B Camper van. You will not find a nicer one! I have completely gone through EVERYTHING on this RV! It is ready for the road and will take you wherever you want to go.

The van has a sink, water storage tank with a 12 volt pump for water when you are away from hookups, new 12 volt and volt electrical systems with a 12 volt battery, stove with oven, fridge, furnace, water heater and a rear bathroom (toilet and shower). Underneath, there is an on board propane tank with gauge and filling nozzle on the drivers side.

It has been a project that I have worked on since and just recently finished. There are just over 35,000 ORIGINAL miles on this unit. (I am driving it around town, so mileage will go up slightly) In the last miles, a brand new 2 barrel carburetor was installed on the engine. Transmission fluid was changed in the tranny. It has a new fuel pump, filter, alternator, belts, hoses, full tuneup (that included new plugs, wires, distributor cap, rotor) oil change, turn signal switch, coolant replaced, brakes, brand new Good Year tires were installed less than miles ago. She starts, runs, drives and stops just like when she came off of the assembly line 40 years ago!

The interior has been refitted with natural wood and fibers for a cabin feel. After stripping down the interior, new insulation was installed under the fiberboard. The next layer that was added was the antique (ca 's) cedar siding that has been sealed. Creative use of re-purposed items can be found throughout. You will have fun looking at the vintage road maps from the same year the RV was manufactured. The original carpet was removed and the floor sealed prior to the installation of the new laminate flooring. I rewired the 12 volt and added a 12 volt battery to power lights and cigarette lighter. I also added a breaker box for the volt wiring with amp breakers. One circuit powers the outlets and the fridge and the other is dedicated for your heater and or air conditioner. The light blocking drapes help keep heat in during the winter and heat out during the summer. There are also front and rear drapes for both privacy and temperature regulation. The front drapes hang behind the drivers and passengers seat and snap into place on the sides and the rear drape is snapped into place just to the front of the bathroom. (it can be unsnapped and stowed on the drivers side so it is out of the way when it is not needed). The interior has been trimmed out using very old barn wood. (late 's)

Looking at the outside, you will find the body to be rust free! An amazing find for a vehicle of this vintage. While there are a few small dings here and there, they are barely noticeable. Just about everyone who has seen it comments on how well it has been preserved. You have a full size spare tire on the back. All of the glass is intact with no cracks or chips. It also boasts the original hub caps that are in great shape!! Perfect for the vintage look! The ONLY issue is the passengers side tail light lens is cracked. I am working on hunting one down and will install it when I find one. Also, while the radio works, it isn't great. (the left/right fader knob isn't the best and sometimes the drivers side speaker will go out if you move the knob. It has an AM/FM cassette, but you can pick a new one up on eBay for hardly anything at all) There are 2 speakers in the back and 2 in the doors.

It has a plug in engine block heater for easy starts on those extremely cold days. I made it a point to start it every couple of weeks since I have owned it to keep everything in good running shape. Even on the -20F days, it would start without the need for the block heater! I have also never put ethanol gas in the tank! Every winter I also put fuel stabilizer in the tank as well.

I had brand new Good Year Wrangler tires put on and they have less than miles on them. It is very clean on the underside and there are absolutely no leaks anywhere. I have receipts for almost in parts and labor for maintenance and turn signal switch. Other items like brakes and alternator etc are not included in this figure. I also have receipts for the new tires and recent oil change that was done at the same time as the tires. I also have a lot of money tied up in materials for interior refit. I did not keep track of the hours I have worked on it, but it is in the hour range if I were to guess.

As I said earlier, you will not find another class B like this! Both in the condition and the design.

My original plan for it was to install a trailer hitch and use it to pull a trailer with things I make and hit various art fairs and craft shows in the mid-west. Medi
The past few days it has been cold here and my small space heater kept it VERY warm inside, even with the temps down into the 20's and 30 mph wind, so it is well insulated. For additional warmth, I made a removable curtain that has snaps on the sides for the front that keeps the living area even warmer. It was made from light blocking curtain material.

It is extremely cozy and very cabin like inside and out. The earth tones give it a warm feel and it does not feel cramped at all. There is plenty of open space that you don't get in other class B's. Ample storage can be found throughout as well. I am 6'3 and can stand up straight inside. It has not been smoked in.

It pains me to have to get rid of her, but I will not be able to use her to her full potential, so I am looking for a new home for her. It is currently registered, insured and titled in my name.

I would not hesitate in driving this RV anywhere as it is! Yes, you can drive it home as it is. It needs nothing except for a driver! It will even have a full tank of gas when you pick it up. If you are planning on either flying in, I can meet you at The Grand Forks International Airport or Devils Lake Regional Airport. If taking the train, I can meet you in Grand Forks or Devils Lake, ND. If you are coming by bus, I can meet you in Grand Forks, ND at the bus station there.

You will not find another one like this, especially in this good of condition! The best thing about this is you can park it in a regular parking space, making travels through urban areas a lot easier! Camping season is right around the corner!

Cash only. I am not interested in trades nor will I finance it. No checks or money orders. I will not hold it for anyone. I have had a lot of people say they are going to buy it and don't show up

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